Fall 2022 Trends

Fall 2022 Trends

This season, bridal gown designers have got so many incredible things in the works! From incredible 3D textures and details to super-glamorous silhouettes, there’s so much to get excited about. Today we wanted to share some of our current favorite Fall 2022 wedding dress trends! 


Detachable Sleeves/Skirts


One of the biggest trends we’ve noticed this year is detachable aspects of the bridal gown. Whether it’s detachable sleeves or a detachable skirt, what we love about this trend is how much versatility it offers a bride on her wedding day. You can swap out various aspects of the gown depending on the weather, time of day, or even change up your look for your reception. 







Dramatic Sleeves


Another trend that’s having a MAJOR moment this year is sleeves! From dramatic puff sleeves to boho-chic bell sleeves, anything that amplifies your bridal look is the vibe this year. We love how they transofmr a wedding dress into something that feels like pure magic. 









Of course, we have to mention jumpsuits on this list! Really, anything that’s non-traditional is super popular right now. Separates, jumpsuits, rompers, etc. - these are all incredible options for the modern bride! Jumpsuits are fantastic for those who don’t really wear dresses much in their everyday life. After all, you want to feel like yourself on your wedding day, right? We just love a jumpsuit! 







Square Necklines


Square necklines are so fresh and modern, which is why they’re so popular this year for brides. It’s a neckline that’s flattering on every single bride and can allow you to show off your decolletage while being a little more modest. 







High Neckline


And much like square necklines, high necks are on trend this year for sure. It’s another trend that’s modern, fresh, modest, yet super chic! 





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