Finding Your Dream Dress: The Importance of Early Shopping

Finding Your Dream Dress: The Importance of Early Shopping

Nov 06, 2020

Finding your dream wedding dress is one of the most cherished and anticipated steps on your bridal journey. You’ve been daydreaming about your perfect dress since you were a little girl, and at Celebration Bridal and Tux, it’s our mission to make those dreams a reality! We know planning a wedding is full of love and fun, but it’s also a ton of hard work and heavy lifting, and that can also come with a fair amount of stress. But finding the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming up doesn’t have to be stressful!



It’s all about timing
Even though we’re in the age of instant gratification, perfection takes time. That’s why at Celebration Bridal and Tux, we recommend our brides start shopping as soon as possible, and sooner than you think! Ideally, you should begin shopping 12 months in advance from your wedding day, and up to 18 months if you are planning on altering or customizing your gown. While our in-store stock of bridal gowns can accommodate a bride-to-be in a time crunch, giving yourself more time is a surefire way to beat the stress!


Find Inspiration
Are you the type of bride-to-be that’s had a Pinterest board for wedding dresses since high school? Then you’re already one step ahead of the game! If you aren’t so perfectly prepared, look through magazines or on Pinterest to find what silhouettes, fabrics, and details catch your eye. The more specific you are with your consultant, the easier it will be to find your dream dress!
Find Your Venue
It’s super important to know where you’ll be walking down the aisle to know how you should dress for it! Are you going for a getaway beach wedding or an intimate ceremony in an old chapel? Though these seem like small details, they really make a difference in finding your dream dress. You don’t have to worry about having the exact venue booked before beginning your dress shopping, but it’s good to have a general idea of what you’re leaning towards before you start! Once you’ve found your dream dress, it makes planning the style of the rest of the wedding a piece of cake.

Find Your Crew
Who said finding your dream dress is a solo job? Find a few besties and loved ones whose opinions you trust and value, and let the fun begin! At Celebration Bridal and Tux, our team of expert bridal consultants is here for you from the day you come in for your first appointment until your wedding day. We are so proud to have an amazing team of kick-booty brilliant women with years of experience working in the bridal industry, so don’t be afraid to ask any and every question you might have!


So, are you feeling inspired to start your stress-free search for your perfect wedding dress? Make an appointment with Celebration Bridal and Tux to find the wedding dress of your dreams.