How to Choose a Wedding Hashtag

In the modern age of social media, wedding hashtags have become a popular way to see all your wedding photos in one place. While you’ll obviously have the professional photos your photographer takes, you likely won’t have a photographer at any pre-wedding events like the bachelorette or engagement parties. A hashtag lets you and any guests tag all your photos to one central location where you can see them all!


Picking a wedding hashtag can be tough, but we recommend starting by thinking of things your names rhyme with. You might come up with a cute pun that’s easy to remember for guests, or you could go with something as simple and easy as #(YourName)and(YouPartnersName)GetMarried. 


The key to ensuring guests actually use the hashtag is to have it posted regularly throughout the venue, in easy-to-spot places, like the seating charts and bar menus. You can even print the hashtag on your wedding favors, like coozies, so guests are sure to find it later. You’ll be able to see all your guests’ photos from the celebrations in one place!