Micro Wedding Trends

Micro Wedding Trends

Dec 17, 2020

This year, if we learned anything, it’s how to be more adaptable. At Celebration Bridal & Tux, we’ve been amazed by the ways our brides have been able to turn difficult times into a moment for inspiration, creativity, and to celebrate true love. One wedding trend that we’ve been obsessing over lately is the Micro Wedding trend! Intimate, highly personalized, and oh-so-romantic, Micro Weddings are perfect for celebrating your love story at a smaller scale. We love that micro weddings offer an alternative to postponing your wedding ceremony in the distant future, and are a way to make sure to keep all your guests safe along the way. 


Find out what really matters

While planning your guest list is going to be a little stressful no matter your wedding’s size, trimming your list down for a micro wedding can feel a little daunting at first. But think of it as an opportunity for mindfulness and gratitude, and check in with yourself on who are the people you and your partner simply couldn’t imagine your ceremony without. What are the wedding ceremony traditions that you and your partner want to adapt to the new normal, and which ones no longer feel like you? By asking yourself these questions and getting really specific at the beginning, you and your partner will be able to have a clearer vision of the Micro Wedding you’re dreaming about, and you can work together to achieve the ceremony of your dreams.



It’s all about location

With many large scale venues still closed for the foreseeable future, Micro Weddings allow you the opportunity to get creative with where you say your vows. Dare to be a little untraditional, and opt for a wedding at a private art gallery or at a meaningful outdoor space. Or, plan a small scale destination wedding and have your wedding place in a nearby scenic outdoor venue with a view you and your partner love. If your parents or one of your friends in your socially distant circle has a beautiful backyard space, why not turn it into a wedding venue fit for a fairy tale? With a little creative thinking, you might just find a venue for your Micro Wedding that is even closer to your heart than the large venue that initially came to your mind. 


Enter the modern age of matrimony

Just because your in-person guest list might be more slim than you originally planned, that doesn’t mean you can’t extend a digital invite to other friends and family! Try coordinating a livestream of your wedding and invite guests to attend digitally - they can still dress up, toast to your happiness, and jam to your personal playlist if they feel so inclined. Zoom is a really great option for streaming your ceremony, as you can invite up to 1,000 guests, and the platform is compatible with multiple devices including cell phones and tablets.



Of course, your Micro Wedding wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous wedding dress! If you’re looking for a little inspo for your micro wedding bridal ceremony dress, feel free to browse our fabulous selection of wedding dresses at Celebration Bridal & Tux. Don’t be surprised if you find your dream dress waiting for you!