Socially Distant Valentine’s Date Ideas

Socially Distant Valentine’s Date Ideas

Jan 15, 2021

Over this past year, we’ve all had to get super creative when it comes to celebrating the holidays from a distance. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we here at Celebration Bridal have put together a list of Valentine’s Day date night ideas for you and your soulmate to celebrate your true love story safely. Read on for 5 of our favorite socially distant Valentine’s Day Date ideas!



Go Camping at Home


If your outdoor space is larger than a balcony, why not set up a cozy campfire and snuggle up with your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Get all the ingredients for s'mores, put on your favorite flannel, and watch the flames crackle at a backyard bonfire. Spiked hot chocolate or other festive drinks are all fair game too! Whether you’re gazing up at the stars or into each other’s eyes, an at home camping trip is the perfect staycation for this Valentine’s Day.  


Visit the Drive In Movies


With many movie theatres still out of commission this winter, try a drive through alternative! Drive in movies have that little touch of nostalgia that’s made for sparks to fly. Pack your car with tons of fluffy pillows and blankets, your favorite concessions snacks, and sit back and relax while you watch your favorite rom-com or scary movie if that’s your thing.



Make Vision Boards


Nothing feels more grounding during these uncertain times than making a concrete roadmap for your future goals. Those stacks of old magazines that you always swear you’ll recycle? Get creative, and cut out words and images related to your ideal future and make a collage. You’ll both be able to pinpoint what really matters to one another, and can be each other’s personal cheerleader as you both chase your dreams throughout the year.  


Take Your Dream Vacation from Your Living Room


While you’re still postponing your dream vacation for the foreseeable future, why not get creative, and bring your destination to your living room this Valentine’s Day? Cook a delicious meal with your soulmate with some festive food, light some candles, and pretend you’re fine dining at a bistro in Paris or slurping spaghetti in Venice. Goofy accents are always welcome!



Have an At Home Dance Party


Get your loudest speaker, turn on some colorful lights, and get dressed up to boogie the night away! Make a collaborative playlist with all your favorite songs to make the perfect soundtrack for your night. There’s also a ton of online resources for partner dance classes, so why not learn how to two step together while you’re at it?



We hope this list gave you a little inspo for your stay-at-home Valentine’s Day this year! 

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