Upcoming Bridal Trends for 2022

Upcoming Bridal Trends for 2022

While we know it’s only August, we’re already looking forward to 2022’s bridal trends—and for women planning their wedding, we’re sure you are too! If you’re just beginning your search for the perfect wedding dress and want to know what’s on the cutting edge of bridal fashion, no worries—we’ve got you covered! Read on to see our favorite emerging bridal trends for 2022: 

Bold Sleeves




Okay, we know—you hear the phrase “puff sleeve” in regard to bridal fashion, and your mind immediately goes to your mom’s giant Princess Diana-inspired bishop sleeves at her own wedding—but trust us, the return of the puffy sleeve in bridal is a far cry from the bishop sleeves of the early 90s! With the return of the puff sleeve comes a bold romance we can’t get enough of, like this gorgeous flowing, tulle sleeves on this A-line gown. The sheer tulle floats elegantly, with the gorgeous floral applique adding gorgeous detail to the gown. Truly, we can’t wait to see more of this trend in 2022!

Square Necklines




For modern brides, the bold, geometric look of the square neckline is slowly making its way to one of the most well-loved necklines in bridal fashion. Sleek and simple, the square neckline creates a bold, geometric shape you’ll love. It doesn't always have to be angular—the square neckline can have a slight oval shape like this fit and flare does. While less straight-edged, the neckline is no less striking!

Less Is More




As we progress into the 20s, classic bridal styles with modern updates are coming back in a big way. This less-is-more approach to bridal is perfect for women who love simplicity, but just because they’re simple doesn’t mean these dresses are boring! Take this gorgeous fit and flare design for example—simple and classic from the front, the open back has a stunning modern design to give it a daring look perfect for the modern bride. 

Vintage Bridgerton Vibes




We’re sure most of our brides watched Bridgerton last winter when it was released (and if you didn’t...well, we’ve got a great Netflix recommendation for you!), and if you’re anything like us, you fell in love with the elegant Regency-era dresses worn at each ball. It seems plenty of designers were enjoying the show, too, because we’ve been seeing a bit of a Regency flair in new bridal gowns—bold laces, elegant trains, off-the-shoulder romantic necklines, and covered buttons are scattered throughout new collections, creating a gorgeous Bridgerton-esque look we can’t get enough of. 

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