Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

There’s something so romantic about a winter wedding: the chilly weather creates a cozy indoor atmosphere, and the decor is always so elegant. With the cold, breezy weather outside, planning an all-indoor wedding can sometimes seem intimidating. After all, most inspiration photos you’ll find online feature some sort of outdoor venue or photos. Sometimes, brides forget just how many breathtaking different ways you can style a winter wedding—so we’re sharing some of our favorites (all from real Celebration Brides): 

Classic Christmas Wedding



When planning a December wedding, Christmas colors are an obvious suggestion, but it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to go full-on, commercial Christmas—a more classic, traditional look will give you a subtly holiday-inspired look you’ll love. A deeper red, classic greenery, and touches of cream create a stunning color palette that’s not overly in-your-face holiday themed. The deep red adds romance and warms up your venue, making this an excellent color choice, while the greenery is right at home in all of your floral arrangements. 

Icy Blue



Don’t want to have any commercial holiday associations at the wedding? No problem—dusty blue suits the season perfectly, giving it a cool, icy tone. The vintage-inspired blue makes this decor completely classic, and hints of gold can really bring out the antique look. Paired with white, you’ll get a gorgeous, wintry color palette you’ll love. The cool combo suits the cold weather perfectly, giving you an icy-cool look that’ll make you look absolutely stunning. 

Winter White



If you’re looking for something simple, sleek, and classic, an all-white look can never go wrong. Winter white has long been a fashion staple during colder months, and it fits perfectly into a bridal aesthetic. You can either opt for white and grey, or monotone white and black, or add a few hints of color here and there like this bride did. The all white look is chic, and can be completely bold even with a one-color palette—just look at this bride’s jaw-dropping fur-trimmed cape!

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